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I've drunk the Kool-aid after decades of air-cooled VWs. Respect the green Eco light.

Don't listen to oil pan 4. He's trying to distract you from bennelson (Ben Nelson) and the Electro-Metro Build thread from 2008.

He did really good work, unfortunately Internet has eaten all the pictures he posted. In 2018 he migrated it to Youtube.

The Kubota weak and dirty compared to a Lexus rear exle.

And it would even fit under the hood.

I will of course run the three-cylinder as long as it lasts. I've cut pieces to start the front aero but won't have the time for a week or two to carry it forward. It looks like the grille block will be a longitudinal plate that divides behind the grille in half, the radiator being on the left. Then instead of an air dam, a modest splitter that won't compromise the approach angle but will spill air off the ends setting up a potential for front wheel air curtains.

Others have found success with a Kamm-back. Were I to do so, it would be more modest -- really only a 'Faschenfeld tearing edge' in the parlance.
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