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Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
Laid awake thinking about his San Diego to Florida trek.
Some thoughts:
* 50-mph minimizes the magnitude of heat flux the cooling system must handle. It's conceivable that the lower radiator shutters never opened, minimizing main body drag.
* 50- mph also minimizes 'windage' ( ventilation drag of rotating wheels ).
* 50-mpg minimizes rolling resistance, as it varies arithmetically with speed.
* At 50-mph, any crosswind or gust effects would be minimized.
* At an 'average' 50-mph, ascending grades might be undertaken at 45-mph ( the legal minimum ), minimizing climbing losses ( an old trick of the Mobil Economy Run ). [ An inclinometer in the cabin would inform how speed was chosen ].
* At 81.1% regenerative kinetic energy recovery, one might allow a gravity-assist 'overspeed' on downhills,, which not only increases wheel power for harvesting, it also 'boosts' hill-climbing on the next grade.
* Choosing 'mild' temperatures allows AC 'OFF', windows-up driving, saving on accessory losses.
* Curve resistance is less at 50-mph.
* Vehicles overtaking the 'slow' vehicle may impart a degree of thrust as they pass.
* Tires inflated to maximum sidewall rating?
* Choosing a more conservative acceleration rate than the EPA's Mobile Testing is constrained to use would reduce power demand for all accelerations.
* Opportunity drafting might avail itself ( some trucking companies use telemetered speed governing which the driver cannot defeat ) [ As long as your 'average' speed is 50-mph, you can claim it.
Hybrid assist and regen makes it near-impossible to parse out what's going on in a hybrid. Emission Analytics testing indicates that 'hybrid' adds 48% to mpg. 80-mpg would become 54-mpg without it.
He claimed he could have gotten better numbers if he had chosen different routes and tried to hypermiling. Said he didnít even try to get good mpg. Just drove straight. That was his main trip

Donít forget his ď steady stateĒ numbers that he tested a few months later with a different Ioniq. It was like 83 mpg at 50mph. 74 mpg at 55 and 67 mpg at 60 and 61 mpg at 65 mph

Like I said Iíll report back if I can get some testing done tomorrow

I think the reason why the mpg drops big time at higher speeds in the Ioniq, say 80-90 mph, is because the car can barely switch to ev mode and use its hybrid features. The load is too high so itís constantly using the engine. Reducing the load with aero mods would skyrocket the mpg, not just slightly improve it. Thatís my theory based on tail wind if my car lines up with them at high speeds
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