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Originally Posted by Nathan jones
So I figured I will brush paint my car with the cheapest exterior black from October then back to white the end of April time. I will post the most hideous pics
Originally Posted by myself
My thinking is instead of the stock white, an automotive Ultrawhite with titanium dioxide. Probably in a Rustoleum base. As a palliative for not having air conditioning.
I just posted this in another thread.

To elaborate, Titanium dioxide radiates heat in all but direct sunlight. Recent experiments with [IIRC] calcium chlorate show it can radiate heat even in direct sunlight. So I misspoke in the other thread. hee's the homework:

Youtube is full of videos on how to paint cars with Rustoleum

Rust-Oleum® Stops Rust® Gloss Protective Enamel Metal Paint Masstone Tint Base - 1 qt.
Model Number: 7507502 Menards ® SKU: 5515008

edit: Maybe that's backwards? You want to promote heat gain? I'll revert to my default suggestion -- Black Plastidip.

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