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Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
For mpg you would never be operating anywhere near 3,000-rpm, so I'd recommend a detour around a very expensive proposition which offers very little probability of success.
Smoky 'cheated' the rulebooks as a matter of policy. And when third-party tested, some of his 'inventions' often failed to live up to claims.
You gotta love the guy, but I don't recommend anyone follow him down his rabbit holes.
Tuned length exhausts for low rpm/economy would have longer, thinner pipes aerohead. (and a matched cam and intake)

You aren't going to find one at your local exhaust shoppe.
(in most the pipes aren't of equal length anyway and are 'tuned' to lighten your wallet only)
There are calculators available online that will allow people here to manufacture such manifolds.

But lets compare the cost of such to the cost of a water cooled enclosure for a stock exhaust manifold...
And consider that this will reduce back pressure at any rpm, not just at the rpms a branch is tuned for...
(And the possibility of using the heat/steam in a separate system.
Turning an alternator of some sort for eg.)

Another option:
Then there are anti reversion 'valves'/doodats that one can place in any exhaust , that will reduce exhaust in the intake during valve overlap.
They seem to work at any rpm too.
They look to be a cheap interpretation of Tesla Valves. (which are worth a look IMHO)

There is also information on Pressure Wave Termination Boxes (David Vizard ) that will make the last collector pipe tuned, anti reversion and the rest of the exhaust 'invisible to the manifold tuning.

Is the guy who posted the same Smokey??
If so; the probability, though small, goes up a tad.

My borderline Unicorn Corral posts:
All the tried and tested means of improving economy WORK and are well documented and implemented here.
There's very little left to be said about them.
It's the stuff that hasn't been tried or talked about thats discussion worthy IMHO.
It's ...out there yes. But perhaps worth a 2nd thought rather than the:
"oh him talking crap again" reaction that seems to be manifesting...
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