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I could say that I rented an FUV today but truth be known my brother fronted a credit card and I reimbursed him.

You can't rent an FUV with legal tender.

He and my son went somewhere for a an hour, then I rode along while he [freebeard junior] took a pass through his childhood haunts -- grade school, middle school high school and the 7-11.

Consensus? I should wait for the MLM. (I should live so long) My brother's commute is about 100ft across his lawn. My so will continue to commute in a Silverado that has a hood at my eye level.

What did I learn? The FUV attracts paraplegics like a magnet. The other reneter at noon today was an old couple, the wife having a cane. They were testing whether the wife could step over into the back seat. I don't think they were accomodated. The rental manager (I collected another business card) said there is a group of mobility-challenged persons that rented six at once for an outing.

When we were riding past the Park Blocks a guy in a wheelcar wanted to roll off the curb and talk to us in the traffic.

I see an opportunity aftermarket for assistive features (a back seat the swivels and slides to either side) that would sell the vehicle to some.

Certainly easier ingress/egress than my Metro.
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