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96 Civic CX Hatch Swap Ideas

First off, I hope I wonít make this another thread that goes nowhere.

I had a 97 Civic EX/Si that I loved so much and fixed up only to have it get crashed into back in March. Was only a week after I fixed the engine, so I ended up buying a 96 hatchback to transfer all my work over to. Sure enough, itís been sitting around in my yard. It is in good enough condition with little rust but the riced out engine inside it is toast. Iím looking at my options for new engines, with my plan A being the freshly-fixed D16Y8 (stock) from my old car.

I like the get-up-and-go of the D16Y8. I was getting 30-38 MPG after correcting my testing methods. However, I recently bought a 2008 Civic LX with an R18A1 engine, and that is crazy in comparison. Pulls great, and it seems to get the same or better gas mileage! Makes me inspired to try and put a newer engine into my old car. I donít mind the cost of the swap and I find the job very interesting.

My goal is to have the same or hopefully better gas mileage than I am getting, with more power. Reliability is key as well, but Honda is Honda so I am not too worried. Hereís a list of what I was looking at, lemme know what you think:

D16Y8: I have this on hand. 30-38 MPG in my Ď97 Civic EX/Si; 127 HP; 107 lb/ft; 1.6 litre.

B16A2: I also have this on hand. 25-30 MPG (?) in a Ď99 Civic Si; 160 HP; 111 lb/ft; 1.6 litre.

R18A1: Im looking for one. 30-45 MPG in a 2006-10 Civic (according to my research); 140 HP; 128 lb/ft; 1.8 litre.

K20A4: Iím looking at a 2006 Accord with one of these. Iíve seen them do 25-35 MPG; 160 HP; 166 lb/ft; 2.0 litre (?)

K20Z3: Thereís an Acura RSX near me with this. 20-30 MPG; 155 HP; 138 lb/ft; 2.0 litre.

Interested in any thoughts/ideas/recommendations. Iíve always a 45-50 MPG hot hatch, and thatís why Iím looking for opinions. The K20A4 and R18A1 are the most interesting to me.

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