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I’ll read up on the L15, seems interesting! It’s likely out of my price/availability range as it’s in the newer vehicles, so I’d have to scan salvage auctions or something. The list I posted is based on what is possible near me.

Agreed on the D series. It’s my main route I’m planning to take if none of these engines materialize. I’d convert my Y8 to a Y5.

The R18A1 seems really promising. I’m working on my ‘08 coupe and the engine seems simple and reliable. Supposedly it is an Atkinson cycle engine with a three-stage VTEC-e style system. I find the coupe pulls really well and is more than fast enough with the stock 5 speed. There’s only three mounts and I believe the axles are compatible with the EG/EK hubs. The hard part comes with the electronic throttle and dual dashboard gauge clusters. I love those things but they’d look out of place and would likely take a lot of wiring magic.

Hence is why an Accord engine seems cool. In a 3000lb chassis I’m seeing people get upwards of 35 MPG, and it has analog gauges as well as a mechanical throttle setup. That seems the most promising, and Accords seem more commonplace as well.

So yeah, R18A1 seems awesome but has a lot of wiring. K24/K20 seems easier but likely less MPG potential. I’d bet it could do better than my D16Y8 average though.
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