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My sister drove me down, ran errands, and took a nap.

I guess that I was supposed to go rogue, but having looked at all of the cars, I quickly felt sleepy, and slept through the Flo calling--and the beginning of my one telesession, so I asked to reschedule.

My niece and her dogs refused to leave me alone.

Apparently I'm likable!

My sister decided that she didn't like Mom driving her old and unsafe car.

She wants me to drive it!

She had me look up 2012-2014 Camries, but somehow there are even fewer of those than 2002-2006es!

Then my sister decided that Mom would just complain about it, so I had better buy an old and unsafe one.

I need to buy one tomorrow and drive home!

Another dealer responded--asking about which vehicle I was enquiring.

The one linked in the e-mail?

I tracked down their site and didn't see it.

Why is the ad still up?!
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