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the one Hi-Z is developing is 300w which at 12v is only 25amps but maybe that's all the gmc sierra needs, not sure. but one could easily fan out the exhaust tube to create more surface area and put a peltier farm easily replacing the alternator. they don't produce anything until the engine gets warm but they do continue to produce after the engine is off. that might make up for the lag on startup. the alternator is tried and true but so are peltier plates. they use them on satellites to pump the suns "heat" so they don't melt and they use them because they run indefinitely under ideal conditions. you have a very good point with short trips but how hot is the actual exhaust as soon as the engine starts up? if the peltier plates were literally the wall of the exhaust then they would be in contact with the exhaust temperatures immediately, i dunno, that's just me speculating but sounds like it might work. but with all said unless you're a millionaire then we just have to play the waiting game.
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