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Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
Is that a good thing?
I've never experienced a vehicle which performed without the back-pressure of the rest of the exhaust system.
The entire system was 'tuned' as a unit.
If 'reversion' happened to occur within the system, it would manifest itself as a 'bluing' along some point in the exhaust pipe. Simply cutting the pipe at that point of discoloration constituted 'tuning', and elimination of any 'reversion.'
One might notice that General Motors' highest-performance Corvette engine closes off half of it's exhaust system during cylinder-deactivation in order to 'protect' back-pressure for the half of the cylinders still firing!
Is this 'Unicorn Corral' material?
After further reading I would say that Anti-Reversion is also NOT Unicorn Corral material:
There is just too much about it on the net.
I would suggest some research, assuming your opinion of me (and others) warrents it.

Here is some talk on a step in F1 exhausts, specifically to reduce reversion:

So; if you have a Branch for higher rpms (the std really) then some low cost, relative to making your own long, thin tube Branch, would be AR doodats.

They could be improved with a rounded back and 'sharpened' pipe end to more effectively change reversion flow direction back to 'out' and to 'blow in the face' of any gasses still trying to get up your intake tract.
ie: More the shape of the ideal PWTB, but way smaller, assuming you looked at the link.

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