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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
Does CA charge a sales tax that is offset by trade-in? That would factor into my decision. If not, I'd always sell private party.

Do you have access to charging, even a regular 120v outlet? That too would factor into my decision.

So-Cal has expensive petrol prices, so I'd be trying to buy as little of it as reasonably possible. PHEV or EV for me.
I'm not sure about the sales tax part. This is only the second car I've owned so my experience is minimal. Got 500 bucks for my 1999 camry when I bought the Prius.

I have 120 and 240, I have a gas dryer so my 240 plug goes unused. Its rated to 30 amps so I belive I can find a level 2 charger rated for 24 amps and I'll have pretty decent charging speeds.

My original plan was to find a Nissan Leaf with 10-11 battery bars under 8k but these are proving very difficult to find. Battery degradation was a real issue on earlier models.

Gas just shot up to $6 again, we were just about to make it below $5. My daily commute is super short so I could most likely get by just using electric even with a PHEV.

The used EV market is hilarious. Dealers have no idea the Leafs have degraded batteries. I'll call up once one is listed and ask for the battery bar info and they act like I'm asking a technical question. Most don't even list it in the details. 80% of the leafs in my local area have 5 or less battery bars. It's really something. They are not priced accordingly though. I've seen so many leafs with only 30 mile range listed for 10k plus.

I like the Volt but the gen 1s only seat 4. Ford C-Max Energi would be perfect, but they aren't super common.
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