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'pressure wave'

Originally Posted by Blacktree View Post
I'd like to offer a couple clarifications.

1) The pressure wave box doesn't cancel out the exhaust pulses. It terminates them. When the pressure pulse reaches the end of the pipe, it reverses and goes back up the pipe. The box allows you to have the benefits of tuned length header extensions, while also having a "real" exhaust system.

2) That volume calculation is specifically for an 8 cylinder engine. Hence the "8 times cylinder volume". The calculation also assumes a single pipe exhaust. Another way to look at it: the box needs to be at least the total volume of the cylinders feeding into it, preferably 1.5-2x.
1) can you be more specific in your use of the term 'pressure wave' ?
2) and does David imply that his invention performs regardless of whether the headers are 4-into-1, Tri-Y, or 180-degree ?
3) and everything downstream of his chamber is removed from the tuning equation?
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