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I stopped by Barnes&Noble to see what's up with print magazines, and the only VW titles they have is VolksWorld from the UK, and Volksmania

I don't have a copy in front of me, and the website is typically obfuscated, but IIRC they have editorial addresses in Canada, the USofA and Australia. A search on their cover story leads to:

Radial Motion’s three-cylinder compact radial engine is a four-stroke gas engine in a 120° radial configuration. Lightweight and compact, the 2.0L and 2.1L engines deliver both performance and reliability with unique visual appeal and an emotive exhaust note. The engine features a common journal crank and gear-driven triple camshafts actuating the overhead valvetrain via pushrods. Each head contains two valves, a 2˝ intake and 1.5˝ exhaust. The engine is capable of withstanding high cylinder pressures, making it well suited for turbocharging and supercharging.
In automotive applications, the Radial Motion engine offers some distinct advantages over common existing engines. With a compact footprint and low overall weight, weight distribution can be improved in most applications, without sacrificing ground clearance, and individual cylinder barrels mean the cooling system can be smaller.

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