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Originally Posted by Ecky View Post
I'd probably opt for white and call it a day, considering there's a lot less solar energy to collect in winter. Best I can tell, it's cloudy ~76% of the time in London, and it only gets worse as you go north.

All of those layers of paint will eventually add up to a lot of weight.

I was just thinking that too ... About paint weigh that is.

Now this may seem a little radical but with so much of the car being converted to non metals how about simply stripping off all the paint and running the sheet metal au natural (OK I know you don't want rust so I guess you can rub her down with some sort of oil to keep that from happening .... a light film of oil is bound to save some weight VS layers of paint..

Also thought about titanium lug bolts (or studs / nuts if that is what a Prius uses .... In a Jetta , the titanium saves a fair amount of weight).

Lastly, I read somewhere where a person put SMALLER rotors on the front (based on a jetta that would be like using the rear rotors and using them in the front).

I believe Wilwood also makes Aluminum Calipers whch may save weight also).


PS - Maybe to eek out the last bit of MPGs ditch the gas engine and go with a small Turbo Diesel instead ....

All this is hard core .... I like it!
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