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Originally Posted by MPGustafson View Post
hahaha im glad you ask. i sell PX3 oil booster PX3 Lubricants :: Synthetics on Steriods, those are advertisements for them. 3mpg increase overall.=
I dont know if you are an outside sales rep, or just a reseller of their products...maybe you could find out more about this from someone at the PX3 Headquarters. I found something interesting when checking out your website.

On the about section of the company page ( PX3 Lubricants :: Synthetics on Steriods ) there is an image at the bottom called "px3-raceCars" (rehosted below)

Call me paranoid, but those pictures didnt look quite right...the lighting on the company logo was different than on the car and when blown-up the resolution on the logo looked sharper than the rest of the photo. (example below)

So I checked some stuff out, the White GTO drag car is sponsored by Lucas Oil...and has been for some time. Also while the version on your site is slightly different...its a very similar picture...maybe taken by the same photographer at a different race? (see below)

The Black "NASCAR" is very similar to the 2004 Great Clips Dodge from the Busch serries, although yours also has some other sponsors on it...such as zippo...While the first picture is only a model of the 2004 car, the real picture is of a newer, slightly differnet body style car...but the same sponsorship. (see below)

I didnt see anything about the #14 car...that looks to be a sprint/outlaw car.

I did find some information about PX3 doing some contingency stuff with different racing serries...but no car sponsorship...not even any driver sponsorship.

Could you find out what exactly the deal is? Maybe the car owners/primary sponsors had you just photoshop your logo onto these cars cause the ones with your decals were not ready yet? I dunno

I hadnt heard of your company untill I read this post, and I am not trying to bad-mouth your product as I have never used them...I am just curious as to the story behind the pictures.
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