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The trick to the vx is staying in lean burn. At 50 mph, this is pretty easy, and with an mpguino we see about 80 mpg at that speed. holding your throttle position steady is pretty key. Accelerating a little causes you to drop out of lean burn and down into the 40 mpg range, which kills your average. Obviously a few aero mods will make it easier to stay in lean burn at higher speeds. Engine off coasting is really handy and will also pull your average way up for any given trip, which should tell you to -never idle! The mpguino is the single most important thing, after that, perhaps a kill switch for EOC, and some grille blocks. Mostly, it's driving style though. My wife and I make a game of it- I drive on the way out, and she on the way back, with the highest MPG as the winner.... my recent best trip was at 71.22 mpg for a 12 mile run with 1 mile of rough gravel, I beat her, but she still got 58!
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