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i am not employed by PX3 in any way whatsoever.

i am laughing hystrically after seeing your photos, haha, you have a great point..

While watching power block TV, i saw the dyno with the Dodge Charger, then got interested, bought 1 bottle, put it in my vehicle, noticed an MPG increase, contacted PX3, bought 3 cases, sold some to some friends and have only heard positive things.

I cannot personally vouch for my friends increase in MPG when he tells me he drives "normal" and got a 5 MPG increase. Maybe he is contiously trying to drive slower and get better MPG? He says he's not, i have no way to verify his findings.

My friend put some in his '98 Camaro and said it felt a lot better on the butt dyno, yet he blew his transmission the next afternoon.

So in my expirience, i feel i have noticed a 3MPG increase driving 73mph-80mph different routes daily. Engine seems quieter and has less vibration as well. I just dont have the time to do a more thorough test at this point.

As for those pictures, hahhaha, i can only agree with you and laugh with you my friend.

You should call them directly at the source and ask them about the pictures.

I will pull apart my oil filter at next oil change and make sure engine internals are not collecting excessively. I will share findings with you. I have all my old oil filter pulled apart from the last 3 oil changes to compare to.

Have a nice day, any more questions for me, ask away.
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