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Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
Are these the values that CAR and DRIVER published in their 'Drag Queens' article, relating to the A2 Wind Tunnel measurements?
If so, I'm all in on what they measured, and the lift would be exactly as you've reported for 140-mph, as we're talking about the square of the velocity.
A CLA 180 Blue Efficiency, with five passengers and there luggage, for it's total weight, at 140-mph on the un-regulated portions of the Autobahn, even at 360-pounds of lift, I don't know that a driver would even 'feel' the lift.
The CLA grosses out at 1850-kg ( 4077.95-pounds )
Subtracting the 360-pounds of lift relates to a 8.8% change in mass.
I drove the Autobahn in 1997 and when I drive, I'm paying attention.
At 3,717-pounds on the wheels, I think I'd be okay with the 'lift.'
I dont know in which wind tunnel is meassurments done..
CLA has 1480kg, Merc. claim 180 blue efficiency has Cd=0.22 and 250CDI in test has shown Cd=0.30.
This two cars are 99.9% identical, to me is strange so big difference in Cd.
What do you think?
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