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Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
All present low-drag concept cars happen to fit the ASTs. Including Think Flight's boat-tailed 2022 Subaru Impreza Wagon, of est. Cd 0.1764 ( configuration #4).
The Aerodynamic Streamlining Templates are all based upon the 2.5:1 streamline body of revolution in ground reflection with the road surface.
I recommend that you study all of them and read every word.
Whoa ! I am just now seeing this. I just posted a similar question Aerohead. Sorry 'bout that

Since you bring up ThinkFlight's design, you might notice that it falls out of the Template curve. ( Have a look at his second video )
This got my attention, because despite having too steep a curve at the rear, the design had great attached flow all the way to the tip of the tail, and even along the centerline.
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