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Phil, that sounds like a great idea for the covers. Unfortunately, the video does not show how rhe covers function.
I'll try and find the link to your photo album.
I like how low profile that your covers are in comparison to the AeroCivic design.
They look as though they have less frontal area.
I'll throw a stupid question at you : What would happen if a cover just had a slick surface ( aluminum sheet covered in car wax ) to rub against the tire instead of wheels ?
It seems to me that the wheels are not moving very fast when a turn is sharp enough to mske contact.
Still, any amount of friction could be dangerous on a tire.
I know of only one other low profile design on a front wheel cover. It was that cover on a Saturn SC2 from several years ago.
( I think I asked him about this very thing, so I'll look through his thread and see how he designed his covers )

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