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there's some fun studies on inflation that i would love to post. lol
long story short increases in money supply typically result in inflation of general prices at a 1:1 rate. Not also accounted is the decreased lending standards on automobiles, and the fact that we shut down production for a while.
It will be interesting to see the pricing on the new prius. i hear Ford/GM and all of the top economists are freaking out now about what to do with all the trucks that they built with out chips for the last two years now that we apparently have a "glut of chips". What model year will they be sold as? Will they actually offer them for sale as they fix them or will they hold them for their new order only model they want to try? It will be interesting as they can't blame a chip shortage anymore. But there is still unrest in the world's workshop (Asia) holding prices up. Hopefully Toyota will be able to just sell at msrp like normal, but i have little faith in my local man... i mean dealer.
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