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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
I built my TCO calculator (linked in signature) precisely because there are none offered on the interwebz, and there's no transparency in how sites like Edmunds does their calculation. Furthermore, it has to make certain assumptions like the price of petrol or electricity that will not be accurate for your location.

The #1 cost by for of any new vehicle is depreciation, and it's not even close. That's why the cheaper the car you get, the lower the TCO will be. The only time efficiency becomes a large factor in TCO is for those that put a lot of miles on a vehicle that was purchased used (most depreciation already occurred).

If purchasing a new car and holding onto it for a long time, efficiency becomes a greater factor as well.

The Bolt is going to be the TCO winner if the 250 mile range (maybe as bad as 120 in the depths of winter going up the mountains) is acceptable to you. It's also not going to waste your time with needing head gaskets and whatnot.
It is hard to get an exact number on fuel. I'm doing around 20mpg with my multiple short trips during the winter, but that can go up to over 40mpg in the summer. It seems I'm averaging about 35mpg year round, at around 15,000 miles per year. If I'm doing my math correctly, at about $3.70 per gallon that's a little over $1,500 per year in fuel costs.

The thing about electric is I could do most of my charging for free. At least that's what I did with the Leaf. I never paid more than $80 per month for electricity when I had it, and right now I'm paying around $70. That includes other things like refuse though.

Originally Posted by Gasoline Fumes View Post
I paid $300 for my Insight and almost immediately sold the hybrid battery for $700. I've probably put a few hundred dollars into it in the 3.5 years I've been driving it. Averaging 64 MPG.
I paid $300 for my Prius and have spent about $30 on fuel since over 2 years ago. It also hasn't moved from the place I parked it.
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