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Originally Posted by NeilBlanchard View Post
I've just ordered 1 yard each of a range of s-glass and e-glass fabrics, that I will be making samples to test technique and strength.

Fiberglass Cloth

Things are moving along slowly, but moving nonetheless.

Who can tell me about how a chopper gun works?


Does it spray glue on the chopped fibers? They don't mention a nozzle or a glue connection.

Those guns are for gelcoat. You can get guns that mix fibre with resin. For that purpose hand lay would be easier unless you make alot of cars further on for mass production. Also try S glass (very good choice/maybe best) biaxial or uni-directional if you can get it. Here Aerialite is only available in plain weave. Not the best final strenth by hand (in my opinion)
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