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Hey guys,
First of all, I wouldn't undertake something like this if you are not comfortable programming a micro computer of some sort, like an Motorola HC11.
Your effots could be put in a better place, like switching over to a manual rack and pinion steering, or plug in battery w/ alternator field kill switch.
Isn't the PWM control just a matter of using a MOSFET controlled by a common PWM chip? For temperature feedback, just mount a sensor on a pipe and use it to increase the duty cycle of the MOSFET. And maybe also add a PWM circuit for the radiator fan as well, and perhaps a servo motor for opening and closing the vents.

BTW, a friend of mine showed me a "desktop supercomputer" she designed the cooling system for. It was complex enough that the cooling system, consisting of a 2HP BLDC scroll compressor, R-410a refrigerant, a large condenser, 9 PZEVs (8 for the main CPUs, one for compressor cooling), and 8 evaporators, had a 200MHz CPU just to run it! Of course, that was because the CPUs had to be kept below -40C to operate correctly. An automobile engine is nowhere near as sensitive to temperature variations as a high performance CPU.
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