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Originally Posted by getnpsi View Post
on cars ive installed kill switches and injector cuts, there is no stumble or funny acting. I think cutting spark or fuel happens so fast the computer doesnt "see it." This is different than let's say unplugging sensors, an injector or a spark plug. Doing this lets the engine still run poorly for many revolutions. The other sensors will detect erratic operation, and have time to trigger a check engine light, probably limp mode.

cycling the ignition key during EOC doesnt make the car act funny. installing a switch inline with a key isnt going to change much. I think we are reading way too much into it. i think the argument lies in cutting the fuel when the car is running not the spark.
cutting the ignition with awful radio shack relays can be dangerous considering the amount of amperage.

I have seen a few setups that cut the fuel pump and coil signal with two seperate relays, controlled by one push button switch. I have been thinking about this:

1. depress switch, relay 1 and 2 close, shutting off coil signal and fuel pump pressure.

2. release switch after a few seconds, relays open, allowing coil signal and fuel pump to refire. Fuel pump pressure will return almost immediately. Fuel is not burned or released as long as the engine is not spinning as the engine is closed at this point.

3. Bump start the car by releasing clutch. The vehicle will be off until this point, but the pump will pressurize as it is designed to during pre-ignition. The coil signal will begin firing as the engine rotates.
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