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Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
If you haven't taken care of this:
I fixed a friends Prius.
Bought a $5 nylon trim tool kit from Harbor Freight Tools.
Removed the fascia.
Placed it's finished side against a patio cushion.
Used my $16 heat gun to soften the back side of plastic.
Pushed against the 'bulge' with one foot while I held the heat on, which pushed the plastic back out, restoring the fascia.
Minor scratches to the clear coat came right out with 3M Finesse, microfine polishing compound.
Then wax.
I removed a dent from Chorizo's bumper by removing it and applying hot water and my head or something.

Unfortunately, I wasn't smart enough to put down a towel, so I removed the dent, but scratched the bumper!

Then some idiot rolled his 1999 Accord into Chorizo, so I need to do this again.

I used my homemade hot glue puller on Mom's bumper when she backed into a wheelchair.

I probably should have pulled the bumper and used hot water and my head, but this way I removed, let me see, carry the one--zero fasteners!

It isn't perfect, though. I will end up using the hot head method.
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