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Originally Posted by JSH View Post
In VW's defense a lot of the long term unreliability of their cars comes for US buyers not doing the maintenance correctly and on schedule. There are a large number of US car owners that do nothing but oil changes until something breaks and even then they are likely to use the wrong oil because the correct oil costs more.
Having owned VWs the cost of maintenance by the book costs more than the car is worth around 100,000 miles.

I have never owned a bigger piece of garbage than a 2002 TDI

Everything including even the glovebox failed on that car by 120,000 miles and the automatic transmission was considered to be filled with “lifetime fluid” and was not possible to properly rebuild and started having lockup issues.

Everyone I know who owned VWs had the same experience that the constant maintenance was bleeding them dry.

Replacing the timing belt, water pump every 75,000, injection pump at 100,000, both fenders at 80,000 because the paint fell off, glovebox at 80k because the latch and strut failed, interior was worn and flaking off at 80,000, transmission was failing at 120,000, did the glow plugs twice by 120,000, the glow plug harness was failed, fuse box had to be tore apart and some sensors bypassed. The turbo had to be cleaned out every 2 years due to winter operation. (It would plug preventing the car from running), All 4 wheel ends and brake assemblies had to be replaced in their entirety due to play and coorsion.

And supposedly my year was “a good one”

VWs earn the seal of complete and total garbage, it’s very sad when a Dodge costs less to keep running than a VW that has all the crippling expensive mandatory maintenance done ahead of schedule and still ends up falling apart

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