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Originally Posted by Coyote X View Post
. Reasonable meaning I would like to stay under $5000 if possible. ....My goal would be able to start and run only electric drive for 5 minutes at 35mph. Any longer or faster would be a bonus but if I can do that then I'm happy.

With that controller I can run 48V and that is a good voltage. A 48V charger would not be hard to either find or make to charge it at home.۶
Today I will make you a great deal! For $4999.99 I can sell you a 50 mph, 48V (four chargers onboard) City-el!

I finally got new tires on it and an idiot light began flashing. I took the lid off to check connections on the lower 3 batteries and darn near had heart failure; then got angry since I could not believe the wires, blocks, relays, clips, and more. MORE than a car. An electrician who saw it could not believe it! Multiplied problems many many times. I will not touch it.

I just closed the lid annoyed- with that mess. I asked at the P-A Group whether City-el will ever come to the US hoping to get another "normal" one
Everything works great, just ignore the flashing light. I'm not sure about going the classified ad route and waiting 6 months for a lowball offer. So much for that EV. I have enough trouble charging it her sneakily because the complex does not allow it.
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