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Originally Posted by rmay635703 View Post
Having owned VWs the cost of maintenance by the book costs more than the car is worth around 100,000 miles.

I have never owned a bigger piece of garbage than a 2002 TDI
Total maintenance for my 2003 Jetta Wagon TDI was $8,560.62 for 10 years / 240K miles. That includes tires. I did the simple oil and filter changes myself and let the dealer do the timing belts. I also had them replace the water pump with each timing belt as the part was cheap compared to the 8 hours of labor to get to it if it failed. I sold it to a friend of the family and it is still going today - closing in on 500K miles.

Mechanically very little went wrong - the only thing I had to do outside of routine maintenance was replace the glow plug harness and a few glow plugs. I also had them clean the air intake every 100K when I had it in for the timing belt.

Now the interior was a different matter. I got rid of it because at about 200K miles the interior started coming apart. Broken glove box latch, center console latch, window regulators, fan resistor pack, sunroof leaked, etch.

Now my 2014 TDI would have been more. It had the DSG and the VW dealer wanted $600 every 40K miles to change the DSG oil. Still not even close to paying the cost of the vehicle in 100K miles considering it was a $30K vehicle.

I spent $2854.78 in maintenance in the 36,000 miles I owned it but almost half of that was tires. $837.92 for a set of snow tires and wheels, and $433.92 for a set of summer all-seasons.
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