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Originally Posted by JSH View Post
  1. Do you have an actual record for your maintenance for the last 20 years?
  2. Does that include tires? ($1,974.76 of that total is just tires)
  3. How many miles per year? (We averaged 24K a year with just that TDI)

And the other important consideration - by your own admission you skipped scheduled maintenance. $2,261.67 of that total is timing belts - which you decided not to do - and lucked out.
I've got inconsistent records. I'd throw things into Excel after the fact, but I'm sure there's missing entries.

I'd have to look at how much I've spent on tires. Friends have given me sets of used tires before, so probably half my miles are either on free tires, or the ones that came on the vehicle. For instance, on the truck I ran the road tires it came with for a long time, then installed some used mudders my friend gave me, then bought 4x Firestone AT Revo back in the day for $750 installed. Put over 100k miles on the truck between those 3 sets of tires. Truck needs new tires but I don't want to spend any more on that hunk of junk.

Friend gave me winter tires on the Subaru, and I bought 4x new tires for $80 total once, 20 years ago.

I paid $500 to rebuild the front end of the truck once, which was the most I've spent in 1 shot on something.

The main thing is that we've been using a company car for long distance travel since 2017 when I changed jobs, so our vehicle costs are close to nothing the past 6 years.

More like I've spent less than $8k on vehicle maintenance between 2002 and 2017.

I drove a lot more when I was younger, but probably average 12k per year.
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