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Originally Posted by Piwoslaw View Post
I would add that VW's high volume bare-bones econoboxes were still regarded as relatively good quality and reliable. That is what people want - tried and proven, simple yet reliable.
Recently Volkswagen priced the Gol high enough to put it too expensive and thus uncompetitive against the Polo, got rid of the 1.6L engine in Brazil while keeping it for regional exports. Even though the Gol is in fact outdated, and most of its recent sales have been fleet orders, the resale value was still good as it's often perceived here as the Beetle's effective replacement. On a sidenote, the bet on turbocharged engines may also charge a toll soon, as many folks in neighboring countries prefer the non-turbo engines for simplicity and ease of maintenance, not to mention commercial operators such as taxi and Uber drivers due to the easier adaptation of a port-injection non-turbocharged engine to CNG compared to the TSI range.

Not today's weird designs, overloaded with electronics that can mess up at any moment and cost a fortune to diagnoe, let alone fix.
Electronics are just the tip of the iceberg. What was the last Volkswagen engine that you remember mentioning as a dumbproof engine?
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