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Originally Posted by wouterremmerie View Post
True, it's quite pricey to offer free runs, but the main challenge is to get a high quality 3D model. We've compared runs on public 3D models of a Tesla model 3 (free or available for just 100 USD or so) to real 3D scans and Cd can vary as much as 30% (even when the free model looks really good).

We have access to such models, but they're highly confidential (and highly expensive to purchase) so we can only share some insights via articles.

In case of the Ioniq, we actually did a collaboration with A2MAC1 (using such a detailed model):

Hope you like the content!!
Iím talking about the original Ioniq hybrid. Not the Ioniq 5 electric suv. Totally different cars. Hyundai is almost as bad as naming cars as Microsoft with x box one x series sx

The Ioniq hybrid already has a base cd of 0.24 and Iím trying to lower it to .20 or lower for my YouTube channel
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