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Less than $55 U.S. ( 50 Euros ) is not much at all to pay for a ballpark estimate for a design.
Even I can afford that, and I'm nearly "paycheck to paycheck poor ".
Not only do you get the cD values of the car, but you also get visual data on the problem areas where there is high drag on your design.
Even if the test results were WAY off, you could still benefit. Simply running the test twice ( A , B results ) after making a change would show you if drag was reduced
I can't understand how we are more content simply guessing at our designs.
I have a hard time learning 3d programs, and CFD just boggles my mind.
I'm currently trying to re-teach myself 3D modeling.
If I had a model of my design already created, I certainly would have tested it.
There are so many of you that are brilliant matematicians, i just can't understand why we aren't testing using CFD more often.
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