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Me & AirShaper

1) I have no computer
2) I have no facility to perform 3D scans of body exterior, wheelhouses without wheels, interior sides of wheels, radiator, engine & accessories, transmission, driveshaft, suspension, etc., and stitch all the scans together to create a data cloud as a manufacturer would possess, in order to input that into a CFD package.
3) No facility for pre-processing or post-processing, as is required for some CFD packages.
4) In 2021, the Ford F-150 was analyzed in AirShaper.
5) AirShaper generated a Cd 0.463 for the truck.
6) Ford Motor Company had published Cd 0.404 for that truck.
7) That's a 14.6% discrepancy between CFD and a 'ground-truthed' Ford wind tunnel/CFD value.
8) An EcoModder member, say, looking for results for a 'air-curtain' modification capable of delta-Cd 0.005 might be in trouble.
9) Don't get me wrong, I'm a 'fan' of AirShaper, and it's capable of discerning changes you'd never discover in a full-scale wind tunnel, whether qualitatively, or quantitatively.
10) I'll just never, personally, be within the demographic which could 'use', enjoy, and share the technology.
11) I'm stuck using aerodynamic research published since the 19th- Century to inform my modifications, as Dr. Hucho admonished us all to do so.
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