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Supertruck II

It seems like so long ago that Supertruck II was announced that I forgot it existed. (Supertruck III kicked off last year) However, 5 years later the trucks are showing up.

Freightliner went very conventional. The fuel economy is the same as the Supertruck I but with technology that is viable today instead of exotic materials and super expensive tech. Still 12 mpg isn't bad and is 20% better than the current diesel Cascadia.
  • Some aero tweaks, the biggest of which are active air deflectors on the rear of the cab. They extend at speed to fill the gap and then fold at slow speeds to allow the truck to turn.
  • Mirror cams that aren't legal in the USA
  • 48V electric accessories to cut down on parasitic drag and allow things like power steering and AC without the engine running. (And work on electric trucks)
  • A few tricks in the engine, transmission, tires.
Again - nothing revolutionary. At least they gave a $40 million truck an eye-catching paint job.

Cummins spend their money getting their diesel engine to 55% BTE

Peterbuilt when futuristic with a carbon fiber cab and frame to reduce weight by 4,800 lbs. Cool but not likely to be seen on a production truck in the near future. They also have a waste heat recover system - again cool tech - not practical. Full wheel fairings - which get in the way of daily inspection and likely don't allow chains.

I don't believe VOLVO has shown their Supertruck II. I just keep getting pictures of the 2016 SuperTruck I

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