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Can I lose a million dollars screen printing?

Bob released this video claiming that you can start a screen-printing business for under $300. I had mostly finished summarizing it when my page inexplicably refreshed.


You spread an even layer of emulsifier on 160- or 320-count (DPI) wire screens, allow them to dry, and place a transparency with the design printed on it on it.

He said you can buy special transparencies for home inkjet printers, but if you want prints larger than 8.5x11 you need to go to an office supply store, and all we have is the UPS Store.

I don't know if they print transparencies.

He just used a giant printer that probably costs thousands of dollars.

You cure the emulsion with a transparency lined up under UV light. His light said it worked in 10-12 seconds, but took 5 minutes!

That is 25 times as long!

Then you waste a ridiculous amount of water hosing the uncured emulsion from the screen, which will undoubtedly leave imperfections, and need to be fixed.

He said you should use a pressure washer, but he didn't.

You screw hinge clamps to your work table, place the material between the hinge clamps, secure the screen to the hinge clamps, and then spread ink across the screen.

Repeat for each color, presumably allowing to dry after each pass, and you are finished.

He didn't say how you clean the screen after each use.

I have encountered various business ideas over the years and I don't have any interest into trying to get into this one.

I already have too many projects?

I won't want to waste water like this?

He didn't make claims of the earning potential?

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