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Photochop butchery ( aeromodding cars using Photoshop )

I've done some image editing on cars that I can't modify in real life. ( No garage ...and no money ! )
These are just doodles I have done on my phone ( So not actual Photoshop, of coarse )

The one I did today, was a 1st gen. Nissan Leaf.
What if you took a SawZall to the A pillar and leaned the roof back ?
I'd make it a 2 door, with enough room in the back for my dog. I have never had a need for back seat passengers anyway.
Side window glass would have to be reworked. The back doors could have plexi as a window material.
The doors would still open from the inside, but not with the intention of having passengers back there other than my dog.

The roof would have a section cut out for a plexiglass window - or maybe an actual rear window fused in from a junkyard car ( whatever fits )
It would be hinged and be a hatchback.
The headlights and grlle would be reworked to be flush and maybe have some scoops for some air curtains.

The boattail would collapse into itself for city driving.

Here is my inspiration :

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