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ME Andy - yes it's a bit nuts to do this on a phone. Even worse is trying to upload it to Ecomodder. My phone jumbles all the images and i dont get a full preview ( the view is cropped ) and i have to guess which pne Im uploading.
What is crazier still, is that I tried doing a 3d model hack on my tablet, but it is so old that I can't zoom in without it falling apart .
So I am going to attempt to edit the model on this phone too : )
Freebeard : That's pretty much what I'd do too. The entire wiper assembly would fall back to the angle of the windshield.
As far as blue, no I don't care for that color. I just included that image because it is such a common color for Leaves.
I would take mine down to bare metal and give it a cyberpunk look.
Plastic bumpers could have sheet steel riveted to them.
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