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Now you have to make sure your car has a radio (at least AM)?

So Tesla and many others (seemingly all of them are EV's) are ditching AM radio. Teslas also do not have an auxiliary port for you to easily hook up your own AM radio. Reading Tesla forums it looks like they've also got Bluetooth setup so you can only hook up a phone. Other Bluetooth transmitters don't work.

So if you want to have a true AM radio in a Tesla you either need a separate speaker or an FM modulator so you can hear it over the car's stereo. But then there's fear they'll drop FM too.

I have an AM/FM radio hooked up in the Avalon with it's own speaker since I have problems with the stupid infotainment center. But apparently if I buy a Tesla I may have to do the same thing.

Not to mention the reason they do it is because the electric motors cause more interference with amplitude modulated signals, and they don't want to go through the hassle of lowering their RF noise through better shielding and chokes and such or a better AM radio with better noise filters.

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