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Originally Posted by Isaac Zachary View Post
There still is a way... If you want AM in a Tesla you could either 1) use an AM radio with it's own speaker or 2) use an AM radio hooked up to an FM modulator so you can hear it on the car's stereo through it's FM radio.
Could the AM radio still be hooked up to the 12-volt power outlet which has replaced the cigarette lighter on most new cars?

But this is something that saddens me about new cars: uncustomizability. For an example, cars are no longer designed so you could add your own stereo. True: CD's, cassette tapes, 8-tracks and now AM are things of the past (for most people). But having a non-customizable car means you get what you get, whether it works for you or not. Whether something new suddenly pops up or not, or whether you'd like an old feature or not.
Gone are the days of mixtapes recorded from radio broadcasting of some old songs...

As someone who likes to fix things and is the minority that lives out in the middle of nowhere and listens to AM radio and enjoys hobbies like amateur radio, I don't like the idea of uncustomizable cars.
And even "in the middle of nowhere", FM radios broadcasting on mono instead of stereo have a longer reach. This might explain why some radio stations which used to transmit traditionally on AM, such as news outlets, were turning to FM. Not to mention the interferences which used to be a PITA nearly 30 years ago in big cities, while neither hybrids or EVs were much of a hot topic outside California.
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