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Not sure if you bought already, but this may help others reading. I own and have owned many trucks. In my experience, a small pickup with a v6 is dismal on fuel, based on my 2005 4.0v6 6-speed manual getting 13-16 mpg. So you end up being way down on capacity and room with a midsize that gets similar mpg to a fullsize with a v8.

Now I've had a 1996 Tacoma 2.4l 2wd 5speed, which I hypermiled to 29mpg, but was useless for towing and fairly useless for hauling over 500lbs. Also, they are so small and cramped in the interior. Even my 2nd gen 2005 DCSB 4-door, I hate how cramped it is.

I also drove a stock 2011 4x4 Tacoma AC 6' bed 2.7l 4cyl 5speed manual and it was gutless and geared like a sportscar, not a truck, was hard to get moving with it empty, can't imagine hauling or towing.

A great option is a 2000-2006 Tundra to down size to, ok mpg with v8 if you keep tiny highway tires on it, 6' bed (anything less is irritating) and you can breath in the interior, big improvement over my 2005 Tacoma.
The Tundras are generally affordable and very reliable if you do the maintenance, they were also the safest truck you could buy in the early 2000s.

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