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Originally Posted by jakobnev View Post
It seems with some cards you can.

I don't suppose you could pay off one credit card with another and create an epic rewards earning money loop?
No, you cannot pay a credit card bill with another credit card in the USA. You can sometimes do a balance transfer where you do pay off a card with another in one lump sum but those do not earn rewards on the transfer - instead they charge a fee. Usually from about 3 - 5%.

I do know people that use these types of cards that have 0% introduction rates. They take out $10,000 on a 0% card and then when that trial period ends they transfer the balance to another 0% card. It is way cheaper paying the normal 15% -30% credit cards charge but if I wanted a loan I would just take out a loan from my bank.

The 60 month used car loan for my Chevy Bolt was 2.25%
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