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Originally Posted by Solarpowered View Post
Sure, and I'd like to know what that list is. You said aluminum flywheel. I have heard somewhere that they do "wear out" and need to be replaced eventually. But what about that harder aluminum? Maybe not cost effective in this case. All the racing guys seem to love aluminum driveshafts. So it would at least be good for a bit of power, if not actual fuel economy gains.
I didn't say aluminum flywheel. I take it this is a stick shift?

At any rate aluminum does wear down from fatigue in something that's constantly getting "bent" back and forth. For surface wear there are ways to extend it's life if it's something like a flywheel that's not going to be flexing back and forth due to it's shape. Nikasil coatings come to mind.

One thing to keep in mind, and what I'm trying to say, is that racing guys will use aluminum, but they're not after longevity. Some races you rebuild the engine and replace important parts after every few races, or even after every race. Aluminum does last a long time for some parts, like pistons. But I'd be weary about things like a drive shaft.

Originally Posted by Solarpowered View Post
Back to this list of proven mileage increasers, maybe low rolling resistance tires should be considered. You'd just wait until your tires were worn out and had to be replaced anyway.
Low rolling resistance tires are a good idea for fuel mileage.

Originally Posted by Solarpowered View Post
Is there a master list for typical internal combustion engines somewhere on this forum? Seems like there would be something like that by now.
Yes, but maybe not as in depth as you want. The 65+ Efficiency Mods button up at the top of the page is that list.

Originally Posted by Solarpowered View Post
I did find more efficient alternators:

Well I can't post a link.
Cool! I think you have to be on the forum for a certain amount of time to get the privledge to post links.
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