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At $50 ( fifty dollars ) to run a rough test, even I ( poor, white trash ) can afford a run.
It will give me a much better understanding of where my problem areas are on the car.
I am in the process of re-learning 3D modeling for this very purpose.

No matter if the cD value is off, the test will still be helpful.

Again, you guys are all brilliant mathematicians.
I have a hard time with even basic math, so learning a CFD program is like rocket science for me.

I'm puzzled that only a couple of you guys here have even looked at CFD.

Aerohead, I know you say you don't have a computer.
I literally found one by the dumpster that was a $2,500 + workstation that at the time of it's release was one of the fastest that were on the market at the time ( early 2000's )
So point being, is that computers that can do CFD are now easy to come by for free.
OPENfoam is open source ( free ) software

BTW, This PC I have is over 50 lbs and is a water cooled, dual processor beast. ( So I can't just mail it to you )

Even if old school techniques are better in some ways, I see CFD as yet another way to find problem areas in a design.
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