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I'm puzzled that only a couple of you guys here have even looked at CFD.
Have a look at this: How to install and use OpenFOAM | Beginner tutorial series #1
Tutorial: Start with Windows and Install Ubuntu Linux and reboot. ???
It appears to be run from the Command line. Ready for that?
Then you write Bash files. Ready for that?

Rabbithole starts here: Note 3.3 foam-extend,
This project is open to community contributions (see Extend-bazaar), none of which get adapted into the official OpenFOAM. Therefore foam-extend has a vast library of capabilities unmatched by the official OpenFOAM project, including (note: this list needs to be revised):

GGI interfaces - useful for rotating reference frames, and stitching together multiple meshes;
groovyBC - allows arbitrary boundary conditions to be specified, without requiring coding / compiling;
newer rectangular matrix solvers' and
pyFOAM - a front end that makes managing OpenFOAM cases easier, i.e. it makes available many features that users of other software suites take for granted, such as:
easily changing the case setup; and
plotting the residuals on a graph as the solver is running.
Writing Python scripts to drive a C++ engine. Got it.

I was a lot closer to a brilliant mathematician before I used paint remover in an unventilated space. What are you doing to re-learn 3D modelling? I have Blender 3.4 running on Apple M1 silicon, but it's on a side table. I need a proper workstation (and a graphics tablet. ...and a good microphone ...and a lens for the HQ camera).

I have a handle on modelling, but rank beginner on editing Geometry Nodes and animation. Geometry Nodes are a graphic tiling interface to Pythion scripting. The Blender Physics engine has a hair system that creates non-crossing streamlines affected by air and gravity.

The reason I think it will be Blender is support for OpenVDB has been in there for a while. That's the field the data is manipulated in.

BTW, This PC I have is over 50 lbs and is a water cooled, dual processor beast.
My World-facing machine is the size of a deck of carrds. But four USB ports.
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