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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
Have a look at this: How to install and use OpenFOAM | Beginner tutorial series #1
Tutorial: Start with Windows and Install Ubuntu Linux and reboot. ???
It appears to be run from the Command line. Ready for that?
Then you write Bash files. Ready for that?

Rabbithole starts here: Note 3.3 foam-extend,

Writing Python scripts to drive a C++ engine. Got it.

My World-facing machine is the size of a deck of carrds. But four USB ports.
Are you familiar with Simscale ? There is a free version that has an easy to navigate U.I. for OPENFoam

I'm amazed to see how Blender has progressed over tge years.
Honestly, I cam't see how that Autodesk can still charge thousands ( and by SUBSCRIPTION so recurring every year )
I have an Alienware tower i found by the dump. It was once a "supercomputer", but now is less powerful than my phone i use to type this.
It is such an energy hog that i considered using it as a multifunction heater, but it's not even efficient at that !( Use it as a PC and heat my aprtment with it at the same time. )

I currently have a Surface tablet ( first gen ) that runs my old version of Softimage / XSI as well as Blender.
I also have Blender but have to run an old version because it just wont run anything newer than 2.7
This phone ( a secondhand Note 8) is running Prisma3D.
It's amazing how I'm actually able to model stuff on this tiny phone in my pocket.
I plan to soon get a PC that can run Blender 3.4
I would love to see CFD in Blender.
Thanjs for the video link.
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