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Originally Posted by JSH View Post
I've managed to go 45 years without needing AM or any radio for emergency purposes. Even when a supercell came through Alabama back in 2011 and 58 tornadoes touched down in 2 days the TV stations kept broadcasting. (They were broadcasting the tornado rolling through the West and North side of Birmingham live.)

(6 EF0, 29 EF1, 8 EF2, 6 EF3, 7 EF4, 2 EF5)
TV doesn't work in a power outage unless you have a way to power it through battery. They do make ATSC TV tuners for Android phones and tablets though...

Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
I plan on using HAM radios for 2-way communication, which is way more important in an emergency than someone saying the nuclear bomb you managed to survive through was the cause of the nuclear explosion you managed to survive through.

Public broadcasts cater to the most inept among us. They include information like get warmer if it's too cold, or don't drive through water that's too high. You might be tempted to touch down powerlines, but maybe don't.
When the power, phone and internet all went out here, the police and other authorities were using the local stations to broadcast what to do. I went out into the car to listen, but the recommendation was "Stay inside. Do not go out and sit in your car, it is too dangerous. Please wait inside for further instructions." What are you supposed to do with that? Keep going out to listen every time the wind calms down a little? Good thing I have a backup battery powered portable radio.

I'm also into ham radio and have a 40ft extending antenna mast with full sized 20 meter, 40 meter and 80 meter half wave dipole antennas on it.

Originally Posted by JSH View Post
I do have a hand crank AM / FM / weather radio in the earthquake kit.
I also have a hand crank AM / FM / weather radio in my emergency to-go bag.
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