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Originally Posted by JSH View Post
Both radio stations and tv stations need power to broadcast.

On my end I have multiple ways to provide electrical power.
1. My shed is solar powered. Cheaper than running an electrical line from the house and the shed is our dedicated shelter in case of an Cascadia earthquake. I fully expect our house to be unlivable and it is way easier to heat a 200 sq ft shed than a 1000 sq ft house. The shed has solar, battery, and an inverter.

2. If we need more juice the campervan has more solar, batteries, and a 2000 watt inverter.

3. The Ambulance will have 1800 watts of solar, 10 kWh of LFP battery, and a 6000 watt inverter. (The panels have arrived and are waiting for the 80/20 to make racking)

(BTW - a lot of modern cars have built in 120V inverters now)

All my vehicles have AM radio but I don't care if they have AM in the future. If we are at the point of nuclear war of some other similar scenario that takes out all of the TV stations and dozens of FM stations around me I have a lot more to worry about than getting radio broadcasts.

However, I live in a city. If you live in a remote rural area out of FM radio range you have to prepare for that unique challenge. It goes back to my earlier statement above - automakers are talking out AM radios because it cost money to keep them and the VAST majority of buyers don't care.
The point was the vast majority of people don't have a battery powered TV. If the power, internet and phone go out, the vast majority will not have any way of watching TV.

Cars still have FM radios, but that could go away too. But if you don't have a car, you're out of luck as phones no longer have FM radio.

The point is that AM, FM and broadcast TV are going away because "the VAST majority of buyers don't care". I know you said that of AM radio, but it looks like the same is happening to all broadcast radio and TV. It's a push towards an internet-only world, where your only way of communicating will be pushed through the internet in one way or another. All phone lines in my valley, both home phones and cellular, all go through the same data cable that feeds all the internet. When that gets affected, all phones and internet stop working.
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