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Originally Posted by JSH View Post
Most people don't take even the slightest bit of effort to prepare for weather emergencies. The average TV consumes 150 watts and an inverter sized to run a TV and a fridge is $70 to $200.

I've never really seen the point of buying a generator as I've owned a hybrid or EV for more than 15 years now but they are also cheap:

(Personally I think most people would do better with a deep cell battery and invertor than a small generator.)

Generators can also be deadly. Even making sure it's outside isn't enough. 50% of carbon monoxide deaths from generators were from generators that were outside.

Edit. Of course using a car with an ICE for the same reasons is also dangerous.

This does bring up a question though. What battery would work in a cold climate like mine? Or what can be done to keep one from freezing? We still have several feet of snow and quite a while before it's warm again.

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