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My sister criticizes everything about me.

It is one of the things that Mom loves about her.

My sister convinced our sister-in-law to sell me the car for $250 years ago.

I wouldn't feel right turning a profit on family, although arguably, I should have lowered the price.

I finally went back and tried to remove the coolant jacket drain plug, but I was limited by my ability to hang from a 1/2" wrench with one hand.

I weigh 235 pounds and I was lifting myself off the ground. I didn't think I could fit a breaker bar in there.

I sprayed PB Blaster on it and then finally tried to figure out why Mom's new refrigerator is peeing the floor.

I had just fixed the water dispenser in the old one when she had it hauled off!

I saw a client and bought crowfoot wrenches for my serpentine belt removal tool, but they didn't have 19mm, so I exchanged it for a ratcheting wrench.

I wanted a long wrench, but I could not just buy one.

The normal wrench was cheaper and longer, but I figured I would still need to double-wrench, so I bought the ratcheting one.

It required PB Blaster, two wrenches, and a surprising amount of force, but I broke it loose, and after a great deal of ratcheting I loosened it as far as I could.

I couldn't fit my hand past the intake and I couldn't move the intake enough, so I climbed under to remove the bolt, and all of the contaminated water in the coolant jacket dumped on me.

I wanted to have a professional look at my head today, but I will need to do that tomorrow.
Originally Posted by Xist View Post
It says to reinstall the oil filter, but we are still removing stuff!
I am moving that step!

I guess that I am here:
59.Remove the intake studs with two nuts and a socket wrench. Remove the dowel pins, intake and exhaust gaskets and clean the cylinders, intake, and exhaust mating surfaces with brake cleaner and a Scotchbright pad.
61.Clean out this EGR passage with throttle plate cleaner and a flathead screwdriver.
62.Clean the radiator hose connections inside and out with a Scotchbright pad.
63.Vacuum all that debris.
64.Clean the bore on the tube with the o-ring that goes across the back of the engine block to the back of the water pump with a Scotchbright pad and put silicone paste on the o-ring.

I am going to look for my gauges. I don't feel like cleaning an engine that may be bad, the gallon of brake cleaner won't be here for two days, and my latest can of brake cleaner is clogged again.
[I ended up spending all evening writing this]

The lower timing cover is broken. Only one bolt hole is still intact at all. I want to do this right, but the soonest I could get a replacement was two weeks, and I don't want to wait that long!

I am checking again. Oh boy! I am checking again!

I looked at twelve dealerships, including Majestic. The cheapest was $21.28, the most expensive was $26.24, the cheapest shipping was $5.86, the most expensive was $33.05, the cheapest total was $29.95, the most expensive was $62.06, the fastest was 6 days, and the slowest was 16.

I looked at 16 eBay listings for OEM parts. The cheapest was $25, the most expensive was $72.39, 13 offered free shipping, the most expensive shipping was $39.99, the cheapest total was $26.95, the most expensive was $82.98, the fastest was 6 days, and the slowest was 9.

One place is selling a Honda cover through Walmart for $27.78 with free shipping. It is supposed to be here in 14 days.

I looked at 20 aftermarket ones on Amazon. The cheapest was $26.95, the most expensive was $26.24, the cheapest shipping was $5.86, the most expensive was $33.05, the cheapest total was $29.95, the most expensive was $62.06, the fastest was 8 days, and the slowest was 15.

RockAuto has it for $24.79, plus $9.99 shipping, and $2.94 in tax.

It would supposedly be here in 3 days.

The machine shop was supposed to machine the head in 2 days years ago.

If I dropped off the head the first thing tomorrow and they had it back to me in 48 hours I could start putting the car back together on Friday.

I could save $8 by ordering a Honda cover through eBay, but it wouldn’t be here until Monday, and I wouldn’t be able to start reassembling until then.

Without paying extra, the cheaper of the two dealerships that should get it here by Monday would charge $41.30.

How many bolt holes does it really need?!

I entered a 5% off coupon into the "How did you hear about us?" box and saved $1.24.

This is the only thread that I can find about replacing the head gasket in Chorizo: Would you resurface your own cylinder head?

I commented that the local machine shop charged $85 to mill .003" off that head--and I need to park in front of the "Office" sign.

I also acted like that head was heavy.

I carried the 1.7L head up the driveway and into the garage. I hurried because I didn't want it dripping all over the concrete, but I didn't think it was that bad.

I had looked for those heater core screws that I lost, but didn't see them on a diagram. I figured that I needed to talk to a human about 50 screws, but in that thread I shared a picture of the diagram, and I figured that if I searched for the heater core cover I could find the screws.

I did, but the diagram was for the heater core assembly, so I should have been able to find it earlier. Honda 90122-SR3-003Screw, Tapping (5X12)
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